Julie Krohner

Julie Krohner is an ethnographic researcher and communication expert. She spent the past 17 years helping the world's largest companies understand their users with deep dive, on-site qualitative research.  Julie grew up in the big pharma industry, and developed a niche in healthcare and emerging technologies.

Julie Krohner's passion and favorite speaking topic is mixed reality (virtual and augmented), which she believes offers unprecedented opportunities for empathy - the ability to walk in another's shoes.  Mixed reality will soon be integral to wayfinding and placemaking, and exit design will be at the forefront of new capabilities.  As Chief Innovation Officer, Julie is enhancing best practices in research, and vetting future technologies that will produce thought leading work in experience design. 

Julie Krohner is a storyteller at MiracleMessages, an organization that helps reunite people experiencing homelessness with loved ones, through video messages on social media.  Mission is to reunite one million people globally. She is a Philadelphia Chapter Lead for Dreamers//Doers, a high-touch female founders organization increasing the number of successful female businesses.  Support and resources well beyond a networking org, DDs is built on empathy and authenticity.  Meaningful connections are made, where women find co-founders, funders, partners and friends for life. 

View more of Julie Krohner's work at  www.exploreexit.com Connect with Julie on LinkedInand Twitter.

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