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Juliana Marek, Marek-Hill Design

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At Marek-Hill Design we aspire to make places more engaging, more memorable, more livable, more navigable, more human. We connect people to places through the use of graphics, lighting, information and technology – elements that speak to the senses and help create impressions and memories.

We work with urban planners, architects and developers to create comprehensive wayfinding/interpretive systems for urban districts, communities, heritage corridors, transit ways, recreational areas and parks. Ms. Marek has designed wayfinding systems for numerous urban districts and is currently designing the pedestrian wayfinding system for downtown Houston. She designed the interpretive and wayfinding systems for San Antonio's River Walk, Museum Reach and Brackenridge Park Trails, and the 13-mile Mission Reach trail system. She also designed the wayfinding system for Houston’s Buffalo Bayou, a 30-mile long heritage waterway, and the Woodlands Waterway Transit corridor, as well as the graphics systems for numerous natural and historic trails along Nevada’s Lower Colorado River, Cypress Creek Nature Trail, River Park Nature Trail along the Brazos river, the Friedrich wilderness, and the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Juliana Marek is the design Principal and owner of Marek-Hill Design with over thirty years experience in the fields of graphic design, environmental graphics and wayfinding programs.  She has held project management positions and has served as senior designer on major public and private projects in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. She is inspired by the common and extraordinary stories, history, architecture and geographies of the world, and loves nothing better than experiencing those firsthand.

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