Josh Sikich

Photograph of Josh Sikich, Alta Planning
Chicago, IL

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Everyone loves to have a choice. The ability to decide how you want to travel in your daily life is potentially mundane...but that choice has wide-ranging impacts. For the individual, it can mean more happiness, improved health, or a feeling of greater connection to the surrounding world. For society, a diverse range of transportation options can improve the economic vitality of a region, allow for effective use of public funds, and provide a sustainable environment respectful of natural resources. I work to provide more transportation options to anyone who desires that everyone can benefit.

Josh Sikich is a multimodal planner and project manager with expertise in bicycle, pedestrian, and transit travel. With more than ten years of experience, Josh has planned over $2 billion in transportation improvements in urban, suburban, and rural areas across the Chicago region and the country. His experience includes active transportation plans, Safe Routes To School, long-range plans, corridor studies, countywide and regional plans, transit-oriented development, streetscape improvements, community mobility, transit service studies, environmental planning, statewide multimodal analysis, and master plans. With a persistent focus on sustainability, he strives to safely integrate multiple modes to create active communities. Josh has master’s degrees in Civil Engineering and City and Regional Planning from The Ohio State University and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston University. Outside of work, Josh Sikich is a fundraiser for and an elected leader of Transport Chicago, a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to sharing transportation planning knowledge.

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