José Ignacio Nuno Escobedo

Jose Ignacio Nuno Escobedo is a founder and concept leader of Suhab in Mexico City.
Mexico City

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José Ignacio Nuno Escobedo is a founder and concept leader of Suhab in Mexico City.

José Ignacio Nuno Escobedo studied industrial design with an specialization in visual arts at Iberoamericana University in Mexico City. Over the last eight years he has been working as a founder and concept leader of Suhab, designing jewellery for Fabra, serving Mexican delicacies such as “tortas de chilaquil” with Golden Grill, while professionally painting on canvas and developing mural street art.

José Ignacio Nuno Escobedo's interest in and commitment to sustainability permeates his whole work as an artist and as a designer: every step of the process is analysed from the perspective of sustainability, seeking the most environmental, social and economy-friendly solutions. As a result, the principle of sustainability is incorporated in almost all the steps of the creative process, allowing to explore and grasp the experience from the beginning till the end.

José Ignacio Nuno Escobedo is currently part of the Art Crit Academy mentorship program with David Kassan & Shana Levenson, working to further polish his drawing and painting techniques.

His line of research revolves around the development of the human spirit through drawings, paintings and designs that come from inspirational experiences in order to advance in the expression of personal truth. His work is guided by the search for moments in which you feel you are as close to the soul as possible.

Connect with José Ignacio Nuno Escobedo on his personal website.

See José Ignacio Nuno Escobedo's work at Suhab.



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