Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a Graphic Designer and Graduate of Auburn University in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Jon Hall is a Graphic Designer and Graduate of Auburn University in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Graphic design is the perfect balance of structure and creativity. Jon Hall can have a clear direction and find his own unique way to get there. Jon can also leave his mark on so many things because graphic design is everywhere! For as far back as he can remember, Jon Hall has always seen a billboard, road sign, banner, TV advertisement, or magazine cover and wondered how could he make it better. As Jon began studying graphic design at Auburn University he realized how much graphic design can impact people's lives. That became his number one goal. Jon Hall may not change the world like he dreams of doing, but if he can have a positive impact on even one life it would still be worth it! 

Jon is passionate about logos, photography manipulation, and motion graphics. He learns more about these genres of design everyday and is always working to sharpen his skills. All design is important but these spark a flame within Jon because of the impact they can have. That's why Jon Hall is also intrigued by advertising, marketing, and branding. Knowing that creativity can initiate a response, drive business, and take a company to the next level is what made him fall in love with design! Jon Hall has experienced this first hand with the freelance designing he has done so far. Nothing is better to Jon than having a client ecstatic over the job he's done and helping them reach their creative goals.

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See his work on Behanceand on his website.

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