John-Mark Collins

John-Mark Collins, Storylab
Corrales, NM

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John-Mark Collins is the CEO / Creative Director at Storylab. Storylab’s primary focus is on physical spaces and technologically-enhanced experiences within those spaces.

John-Mark Collins is a creative problem solver with a wide variety of skills ranging from the technical and creative to managerial and business related.

As a creative technologist, John-Mark Collins aims to build immersive technology-driven experiences that both push the boundary of current technology and adapt to shifting HCI paradigms. Having a background in Computer Engineering, Art, and Architecture, as well as a number of years in management of large teams, gives him a unique perspective and skill-set to contribute in a multitude of ways towards building new user experiences.

John-Mark Collins' personal interests and passion lie in building technology-driven experiences that bridge the gap between reality and fantasy, extending into the physical spaces around us. With rapid advances in technology, these experiences will become more and more integrated into our daily lives. He hopes to help create these experiences and take technology-enhanced interactions to the next level. 

View more of John-Mark Collin's work at Storylab. Connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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