John Llewellyn

John Llewelyn,  Museum of Science and Industry

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John Llewellyn's purpose in life is to share the wonders of the world – with the world's people. In order to achieve this lofty goal, John continuously utilizes and refines his skills in creative direction, interpretation and design. By paying close attention to what the AUDIENCE needs and wants, John helps to lead projects along the hard road from undefined possibility to concrete success.

As an Exhibition Developer and Designer, John Llewellyn uses the power of place to bring new and unforgettable experiences to the public. Leading the conceptual charge on select projects, he leverages the expertise and enthusiasm of a wide range of people, from visitors to interns, volunteers, subject matter experts and leadership.

John Llewellyn unites the design and content aspects of each project by employing my strong research and collaborative brainstorming skills. He helps to define educational goals and to target visitor “take-away messages”. Building on this foundation, he brings together an array of experience elements, from exhibition text, to multimedia, to fully-immersive social interactions to inspire a wide variety of museum audiences. John sets high standards for the implementation of his ideas through clear, ongoing project communications. He works closely with visitors, content experts and other stakeholders to ensure excellence.

Creative Direction and Experience Design
Master Planning for Museums and Cultural Attractions (MPMCA)
Exhibition Design and Content Development
Interactive Development
Facilitation of Group Brainstorming (FGB)
Conceptual Planning
Sustainable Practices in Visitor Interaction
Informal Science Education (ISE)
Connoisseurship of Compelling Experiences (CCE)
Development of Compelling Acronyms (DOCA)

View more of John Llewellyn's work at the Museum of Science and Industry.  Connect with John on LinkedIn.


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