John deWolf Published in Landscapes/Paysages

Paysages front cover

In the current issue, Landscapes/Paysages explores landscapes touched by time, finding serenity and remembrance among the stones and chestnut trees of Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery and delighting in the ephemeral, from the 30 urban seesaws in wintry Montreal to the city’s summer-time upwellings of life in the streets.

John deWolf, vice president of Form Media, has worked in various mediums including print, interactive, broadcast, exhibition, environmental graphic design, and interior design. He has an extensive background in analyzing and deconstructing complex structures and designing understandable and accessible communication systems, particularly for large public audiences.

In his article titled Old Places:New Connections, John details several branding projects including Grand Pre and the Red Bay Basque Whaling Station.





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