John deWolf of Form:Media Now a Regular Contributor to Applied Arts Magazine

John deWolf of Form:Media Now a Regular Contributor to Applied Arts Magazine

Interested in additional perspectives on graphic design, the editor at Applied Arts Magazine approached John deWolf of Form:Media to be a regular contributor to their quarterly publication. In particular, the editorial team was interested in benefiting from deWolf’s experience in the field of experiential graphic design.

Applied Arts explores the strategic and cultural forces driving creativity in Canada and features the resulting work in themed publications—design, photography, illustration. Printed quarterly, the magazine is written for, and by, thought leaders and emerging talents in the visual communications field. In 2016, the magazine celebrated it’s 30th anniversary, a rare milestone for an independent publisher. Among other contributors, John writes a regular column on design meant open a peer-to-peer dialogue among the readerships of close to 46,000 creative and marketing professionals.

For his first column, Judged and Juried—It’s time to take a more holistic look at design awards, deWolf spoke to Edmund Li and Udo Schliemann of Toronto’s Entro for their perspective on design competitions. The conclusion? A suggestion that the time for change has really come. We should be judged on good, not just good-looking, design. In this column, deWolf makes a call to industry to introduce competitions that are less intradisciplinary in evaluation and more focused on how we solve problems through design to benefit society. His latest column, You Don’t Know Me—The importance of anonymity, suggests that in addition to our insight and ability to engage, we are also hired to represent audiences: the overlooked, the voiceless, the anonymous.

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