John Bailey

John Bailey, VP Global Cororate and Retail Accounts, Colite
Columbus, South Carolina

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John Bailey is the Vice President of Global Corporate and Retail Sales for Colite International.

John Bailey is a business development and sales professional with proven track record of delivering value-based, innovative, cost-effective, and consistent brand implementation solutions to multi-national corporations, retailers, hospitality companies, and financial institutions.

John Bailey has a partnership-based approach to building long-term relationships with customers, brand design & architectural firms, and real estate & facilities management consultants. He has an advanced knowledge of speaking English as well as Spanish language fluency and a cultural understanding that allows for the ability to conduct business with Spanish speaking prospects, customers, partners, or affiliates.

John Bailey's specialties include; Signage and Branding Program Solutions, Global Project Management, Global Project Management, Bilingual Communications.

John completed two Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in International Studies and Spanish at the University of South Carolina - Columbus

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