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Joe Blair, Sasaki Associates

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Joe Blair is a professionally trained graphic designer who entered the EGD/XGD field straight out of college at MassArt in Boston. In the course of his career he’s worked alongside world-class fabricators, architects, engineers and designers and is now enrolled in the seminal class of the MDes Master of Design Innovation program back at MassArt.

His ethos is informed by a global facing, culturally sensitive ideology and roots in traditional sculptural practices. Design as play, design as social catalyst, the sky’s the limit!

Joe Blair takes on roles as leader, coordinator, and team-mate in design projects of all sorts, but prefers working on content that promotes self-efficacy and delight by way of enabling user experience and the intrinsic functionality of space. Communicating values and truths are where Joe feels graphic design can be leveraged to it’s greatest effect in EGD work, however, Joe believes there is an important art in striking the balance between utopian ideals and practical real-world application when performing EGD work.

His collaborators have included Sasaki Associates, Design Communications Ltd, Draper Labs, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, The SEGD Boston Chapter,Pentagram, Roll+Barresi, Elkus Manfredi and many others.

In addition to design, Joe Blair is involved in myriad cultural and social groups and institutions. He enjoys photography and illustration, and loves the components of EGD work that bring its practitioners out into the world, and in turn encourage others to find the same joy we do in exploring it.

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