Jodi Jackson

Jodi Jackson is a Project Manager at the CA State Teachers' Retirement System in Sacramento, CA.
Sacramento, CA

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Jodi Jackson is a Project Manager at the CA State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) in Sacramento, CA. 

As a child, Jodi Jackson became fascinated with the opposite side of ordinary. Tolerated by her parents and encouraged by her grandmother, who was also an artist, Jodi sat for hours in her own little world, dressed up in an array of hats, surrounded by books, scraps of paper, found objects, and scissors. 

Her parents worried about her. Her grandmother smiled, keeping her well supplied with glue and snacks.  

As Jodi grew, her collection of objects expanded—rosary beads, melted candle wax, old chewed pencils, tags from her beloved dog, bottle caps, the list was endless. Combining and re-combining these captured elements, Jodi created art expressed in her own peculiar voice.

Jodi studied Design at Art Center in Pasadena, CA. She is also a writer of short stories and is currently working on a screenplay. 

Currently, Jodi Jackson works with the CA State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS). She works collaboratively in a team environment as the Communications business lead for CalSTRS Retirement Progress Report (annual member statement). In her role she provides project management, editing, art direction and communications consultation for print and online products. She also provides strategic project management for branding and theming of all CalSTRS facilities in California. Jodi serves as the creative director for all agency environmental graphics/building theming projects. She manages and directs the efforts of the communication team to complete tasks on schedule and budget.

Jodi Jackson's specialties include: communications and communication management, brand development and management, writing, graphic design, publishing, e-publishing, Spanish, writing, photography, project management.

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