Jingjing Li

Jingjing Li

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Jingjing Li is a co-chair of the Beijing Chapter.

For more than 15 years, Jingjing Li has engaged in the urban consulting and design management industry with senior experts from the city-oriented system industry, and founded and led Beijing Shiyu Siwei City Oriented System Layout Design Co., Ltd., which became an influential enterprise of China's city-oriented systems. She is now the Executive Manager of the Beijing Shiyu Siwei City Oriented System Layout Design Co., Ltd.

Jingjing Li participated in the research, drafting and revision works of the national GB/T10001 series, 15566 series and 20501 series national standards. She participated in research subjects of many urban space and urban environment development, presided a number of local, enterprise standards research and development, managed and completed many scientific research projects and pilot projects of Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Traffic Commission and Tourism Administration Department. Since 1996, Jingjing entered the visual design industry to conduct market development, project management and standard researches.

As the creator of Beijing Shiyu, Jingjing Li has had a city-oriented system career in China, providing efficient and orderly directed function service for urban construction, and made contributions to the improvement of city overall image and cultural environment.

View more of Jingjing’s work at Beijing Shiyu.

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