Jessica Rojas

Jessica Rojas, Senior Designer at CallisonRTKL in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

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Jessica Rojas, Senior Designer at CallisonRTKL in Los Angeles.

Before joining CallisonRTKL Jessica was a Graphic/Exhibition Designer for the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame and all UCLA Athletic Facilities where she was responsible for

  • Design, construction, and installation of 12 out of 22 display cases pertaining to UCLA Athletics.
  • Communicating with and cooperating with sports information specialists and historians to obtain accurate signage information.
  • The design and layout of visually appealing graphic materials for the Pauley Pavillion Renovation Campaign
  • Video Production for the Hall of Fame Spirit Theater and Video Displays showcasing 106 National Championships.

She also spent time at GARAGE FILMS and International Creative Management (ICM)

Jessica Rojas is a dreamer who is creative and highly optimistic. Her favorite adventures occur while exploring different sites and enjoying the environment. Jessica appreciates the different cultures, folklore and stories that one is able to encounter visiting new places. 

Jessica Rojas is a very strong believer that we can enjoy the world more through creative interactions. This is why she is pursuing the field of Experiential Graphic Design.

If a project takes her anywhere in the world, Jessica says "sign me up!"

Jessica Rojas earned her BA Design with a focus on Media Arts, Film, Television and Digital Media.

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