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Jessica Kaising is a Graphic Designer at BHDP, an award-winning international architectural firm with offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio and Raleigh, N.C.. She received a Bachelor of Science (BS), Graphic Communication Design from the University of Cincinnati.

Previously, Jessica Kaising was an Hospitality Environmental Graphic Design Intern at FRCH Design Worldwide. There, she designed in the hospitality studio on projects that included environmental brand building, renderings and elevation drawings, 3D modeling, design and shop drawings, and installation plans.

Jessica Kaising was the student associate graphic designer in the Office of the President at the University of Cincinnati where worked with a small team of two on Presidential design materials, Including university app building, data visualizations, presidential reports, and other print collateral. Jessica also worked with the Graphic Design Coop at Landor, an award-winning packaging and branding agency.  She collaborated on large and small teams, from idea development to design production, gaining knowledge of packaging design, brand building, and application of brands in the retail environment.

And as an intern at Arrowstreet Inc., Jessica worked with a small environmental design team that works collaboratively with internal architects and independently as a contractor. She designed on projects that included user testing, extensive planning and collaboration with clients, renderings and elevation drawings, 3D modeling, design and shop drawings, and installation plans. She gained knowledge of materials, processes of signage production and law requirements, and engaged directly with clients and contractors. Independently ran numerous client meetings.

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