Jennifer Osiek

Jennifer Osiek is an Environmental graphic Designer at Jones Worley in Atlanta

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Jennifer (Jennie) Osiek is an Environmental Graphic Designer at Jones Worley in Atlanta

Jennifer Osiek has worked with 3-dimensional design, signage and wayfinding for over 13 years. She realized her passion at a young age. Her mother, Donna (who is also an accomplished artist) encouraged artistic behavior throughout her childhood. Since then she has become an experienced drafter, photographer, landscape and graphic designer. Her specialty is the visual aspects of communicating identity and brands on ANY surface, information design, and shaping a sense of place through the built environment.

Originally from Utah, Jennie has lived and traveled all over the United States. She moved to Georgia at the age of ten, and considers Atlanta her home. While completing a degree in graphic design at the University of Georgia she was also an owner of a large manufacturing sign company and continued this for 10 years. She now works with several design groups and helps with complicated installations, branding mall environments, airport and architectural signage.

Jennifer Osiek specializes in EGD (Environmental Graphic Design), photography and architectural drawing. EGD practitioners work with wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage, exhibit design, identity graphics, dynamic environments, civic design, pictogram design, retail and store design, mapping and themed environments.Jennifer Osiek's master photography and CAD design skills allow her to fully understand the art of communication in any environment.

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