Jen Vitello

Jen Vitello is a Designer at Two Twelve in New York
New York

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Jen Vitello is a Designer at Two Twelve in New York.

Two Twelve is a public information design firm that develops sustainable, user-centered designs to help people understand an increasingly complicated world.

Everywhere we go, we encounter implicit and explicit cues to guide us, from environment and behavior to graphics and manuals. In complex environments, these cues become part of a system that can assist people to sort through data, fill out a form, absorb new information, or navigate a place.

That's Two Twelve's realm. They specialize in creating public information design, the planning and presentation of complex information to diverse users and audiences. From signage to strategy, Two Twelve design thoughtful, user-centric systems designed to navigate, inform, communicate, and create new visions of the world around us.

Two Twelve's roots are in wayfinding, the art and science of helping people find their way. That's where they got their start, but have since expanded their expertise to diverse and ambitious initiatives. Public or private, these initiatives can only succeed if they are effective in persuading stakeholders. Consulting with leaders in business, institutions and government, Two Twelve uses the tools of information design, data visualization, and interactive media to provide engaging narrative frameworks for big ideas, clarifying supporting information, creating a roadmap for implementation and making these accessible to all.

Before joining Two twelve Jen Vitello worked for Hornal Anderson Design, The Peace Corps and Global Vision International, Infinite Scale and Clawson Architects.

Jen Vitello earned her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, magna cum laude from The University of Cincinnati.

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See her work at Two Twelve.

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