Jen Reves

Jennifer Reves
Atlanta Metro Area

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Jen Reves is an Experiential Graphic Designer at Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart, & Associates in Atlanta.

Jen Reves has worked as a graphic designer, and now an environmental graphic designer, for over thirteen years–planning, copywriting, and designing across various media. In addition to a diverse knowledge of industry standard applications and practices, her work leans heavily into the use of sketching, color theory, composition, and whenever possible, alternative materials and mediums. Jennifer Reeves brings to the table a viewpoint not solely of ink and paper but of many types of 2D and 3D fine art and design that enrich her creative process and final works.

Jen has been with Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart, & Associates since 2017. During her time with the firm she has worked as both an Experiential Graphic Designer and a Graphic Designer. For more than 38 years, Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart, & Associates has worked with their clients to provide designs that meet their needs across the globe. This world offers no shortage of challenges, and their focus is on the individual needs of their clients. That means setting aside preconceived ideas and putting forward groundbreaking solutions.

At Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart, & Associates, the design team is backed by decades of award-winning experience. They have managed projects across every design discipline, and done so with a dedication to precision and innovation. Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart, & Associates believes design is a holistic practice that incorporates experiences from every step of the process. In their work, they measure success by the success of their clients and projects.

Jen Reves graduated Magna Cum Laude from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration.

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See her work at Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart, & Associates. 

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