Jeffrey Padia

Jeffrey Padia, Program Director at Shannon-Leigh Associates, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

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Jeffrey Padia is an EGD professional, passionate about contributing to and creating better spaces and places through creative, well thought out graphic applications. Through his work, Jeffrey Padia connects people to places by giving places meaning and ways of being understood through the use of wayfinding or identification elements.

Wayfinding is more than just signs, it’s about color, form, structure, letters, artwork, etc. All objects in the landscape can be potential wayfinding elements. Jeffrey places these elements of understanding in the environment to give places names and direct people to the places they want to go or where they need to be lead. In his 20 years in the EDG world, Jeffrey Padia has worked on medical, civic, retail, residential and corporate projects. He brings an inclusive, collaborative, fun approach to the design process, ensuring that all parties are heard while meeting the logistical needs of the project. Jeffrey has also collaborated with, and worked for, many signage fabricators and has an understanding for the possibilities and limitations of signage while maintaining the project aesthetic.

As a designer he finds solutions for design problems that are well thought out and beautifully executed. Jeffrey Padia is mindful of the details but never loses sight of the big picture, making sure that no part of the project gets left behind. He has a strong, three-dimensional intellect with the ability to turn objects and places around in his mind, moving through them, understanding their forms and pathways. Then he turns them into reality by creating a great set of construction documents.

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