Jeffrey Nevels

Jeffrey Nevels
Long Beach, CA

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Hello! My name is Jeffrey Nevels and I am a recent graduate of California State University Long Beach design program. I am originally from Chicago but moved to California to continue my career as a freight broker. However, being the creative person I am, the job was deeply unfulfilling, so I decided to pursue an actual passion of mine; design. Being a part of the design program has really opened my mind to all of the avenues with which I could leave my creative mark on the world.

I fell in love with branding, 3d modeling, graphics, prototyping,websites, AR/VR, etc. which became overwhelming at a point. Having so many varied interests made it difficult to decide on a design career path. Until I learned about UX design. UX design is malleable in the sense it can be applied to any area of design and is not limited to one aspect. As a burgeoning UX designer I hope to use my problem solving skills to create meaningful experiences and products.

Where in the world would you like to work?
Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Japan, Italy

Who is your favorite designer ever? And what one question would you ask them?
Jony Ive. "What kept you on your path when feelings of negativity and self doubt took over?"

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