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Travers City Michigan

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Downtown Indianapolis Signage Program
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Downtown Los Angeles Walks

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Jeff Corbin Founding member and SEGD Past President 1978-79

Jeff Corbin founded Corbin Design in 1976, and turned the firm into a national leader in the fields of wayfinding and environmental graphic design.

In 2003, Jeff took the title of Founder and Chairman as part of the firm’s transition to an employee-owned company. Jeff Corbin retired from Corbin Design in 2006.

Jeff Corbin's wayfinding and information design expertise have made him a popular public speaker before a wide range of organizations including the American Hospital Association, American Institute of Architects, International Downtown Association, Society for College and University Planning, and the Healthcare Design Symposium.

Jeff’s views on the subject of wayfinding have been frequently published in books and magazines. He was a contributing author on the books Wayfinding: Designing and Implementing Graphic Navigational Systems, and Community Design Management, which won a Professional Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects. He also contributed an expert essay to the book Environmental Graphics: Projects & Process, published by Harper Design International. He also did an interview for Design and Cultural Responsibility; Ideas for Decision Makers in Communities, Business and Government, published by the Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Jeff was instrumental in the birth of SEGD.

The first 'real' meeting of SEGD was hosted in his offices at CRS in Houston the year after John Berry, Jim Glass and Rich Burns met in Detroit. Jeff was the head of the graphics and interiors group at CRS. Because of the people he brought together at that meeting (about 15 designers) Houston became a center for the organization and gave it a nucleus of credible followers. Jeff was a very progressive proponent of signage at the time. He was sophisticated and knowledgeable and became a resource and hands-on advocate for SEGD. He took the reins from John Berry as the second president at a precarious time in the associations birthing and managed to keep the forward momentum going strong.

Jeff moved to Traverse City as a lifestyle choice and proceeded to build one on the country's formidable EG practices. His work with healthcare and civic projects was considered trend setting and he was always the consummate professional. He was skilled at running a professional practice and participated in the Association of Professional Design Firms (APDF), a resource group for firm leaders.

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