Jayati Sinha

Jayati Sinha
San Francisco

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I call myself a physical and digital experience designer.

I got my bachelors in lifestyle products and my master’s in environment design. For my thesis, I explored personality development stages and created products that were derived from emotions and life experiences. Emotional design to its core.

I have worked in various Indian craft industries with people that are less privileged. This has influenced me to start my own Non-profit one day. I have also worked as a Environment Designer at Fuseproject, a design and innovation firm led by Yves Béhar.

At Fuseproject, apart from being a part of the Environment Design team; I have made contributions to the industrial design, experience design, and strategy team. I consider myself a T-shaped designer who bridges ‘function’ with a strong ‘visual silhouette’. I enjoy working with color, patterns, compositions and believe in the power of visual culture even in this minimalist society.

  • Featured Interview: Voyage LA
  • Participant: Ethiopian Satellite Preschools Challenge (team project)
  • Second Place: CoVent 19 Challenge (Honorable Mention: Fast Company's World Changing Ideas, Winner: Interior Design Magazine Best of Year) for VOX ventilator at fuseproject (team project)
  • Winner ICFF, Winner IWF: Extrude Table
  • Feature on Daily news, LA Magazine, LA Times and more: Micro- LA homeless housing initiative (team project)
  • Best Graduate Design Project, Most Exemplary Use of Design Methodology: Retorta table and mirror -De-Muro Das sponsored Project
  • Publication: Government bell metal dhokra craft cluster with Ministry of Textiles, Office of Development Commissioner
  • Participant: USID Gurukul Workshop: Created a system to help Ambulances reach their destination in minimal time by regulating the traffic (team project)
  • Participant: Honeywell Aerochallenge:Designing the future of immersive cabin experiences for global private jets.


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Visit her website http://www.jayati.design

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