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150 Media Stream

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Internationally recognized in new media, Jason White is the Executive Creative Director for conceptual design studio Leviathan, which he co-founded in 2010. Jason quickly built Leviathan into an industry leader in creating new visual experiences that stir audiences around the world. At Leviathan, Jason fuses his design and animation expertise into broadcast animation and experiential design in dynamic combinations for global brands, agencies and entertainers.

Among Leviathan's most notable projects to-date are Amon Tobin's "ISAM Live" – which earned the FITC Best Animation Award, honors in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual and was shortlisted in the AICP Next Awards – along with other feats for musical artists Drake and Skrillex and major brands including BMW, HP, Samsung, Scion and The North Face, to name a few.
Prior to that, he co-founded Chicago's Lift Motion Design under the auspices of the Filmworkers Club. A graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art, Jason achieved wide recognition early in his fine arts career.

Since 2012, Jason has become a regular guest speaker at leading industry conferences around the world including FITC (Amsterdam, Toronto and Tokyo), HPX Digital (Halifax), Collider (NYC), Pause (Melbourne Australia), and North by Northeast (Toronto), and his works have appeared in various media outlets including Art of the Title, Graphis, Motionographer, The Creators Project, Stash, and Wired.

Outside of his daily work, you can find Jason jamming out to psychedelic tunes, exploring faraway places, drawing, and creating daring art shows.

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