Jared Ficklin

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Austin, TX

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Jared Ficklin is a designer and technologist with two decades experience creating products and visions for major companies.

A former frog design fellow, he is now partner and lead creative technologist for product design and invention firm argodesign.

Jared Ficklin designs with technology and has a passion for innovative or unique interaction models, especially those involving interesting inputs and outputs like touch, multi-touch, voice, gesture, sensing, and projection. His philosophy is "Think by Making, Deliver by Demo" and employs user-experience simulation as a method for quickly bringing products to life and as a method for finding new experiences when applying innovative technologies.

Jared spent 14 years of his career at frog design contributing to the visions, strategy, intellectual property, and products of clients like HP, Microsoft, AT&T, LG, SanDisk, Motorola, and many others. His work has generated patents and has reached the marketplace through successfully launched products. Jared's work integrating technology into the design process at frog design led to the honor of being named one of four frog fellows.

He is an evangelist and co-creator of the cable car-based mass transport vision known as The Wire. He is also the co-director of the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee, helping design and construct quality concrete and steel skateparks in Austin.

For many years, Jared directed the SXSW Interactive opening party, which served as an outlet for both interactive installations and a collective social experiment hosting more than 7,000 guests. In 2012 his passion for sound visualization led to the honor of being the first to bring live fire onto the TED stage in his talk "Eyes Can Hear." He was once an 1867 cowboy for the PBS living history experience known as Texas Ranch House.

Jared Ficklin speaks internationally as a creative technologist and futurist.


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