Jane Worthington

Jane Worthington, owner and Industrial Designer at Worthington Design, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Maastricht, The Netherlands

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Jane Worthington, owner and Industrial Designer at Worthington Design, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Art and its captivating spell

Have you ever thought about how many millions of people pound the floors of Museums worldwide each year? They stop, they gaze, they are mesmerized and its always been the case! Not only has it always been the case, its globally the case. Art knows no borders. It speaks a language of its own, a language we all understand. But why is it not being used more to connect people, tell stories and support products offerings, services and experiences in our day to day world? Jane Worthington believes there is not nearly enough of it.

Think of the power of the gallery to fascinate the audience and use art out of its context, not as art, but as a connector and teller of your story. Then you have a powerful tool that connects us all globally. Jane Worthington uses art in advertising campaigns because it works like a magnet. People don't pass by ads with art like they do with (most) photographs.

No they will stop, they will look and they connect with it. The reaction is beautiful. In commercial terms its very positive and powerful, so why is everyone missing this magic tool that is so overlooked?

Jane Worthington's background is in Industrial design, she understands everything about pinning the end product. Jane aims to understand and answer the clients needs. Its all about the end result, and Jane more than anybody understands and wants to help you achieve this. She listens and does not dictate. Jane Worthington is a team player who uses art as a medium for creating a captivating end product. Her work is diverse: from painted advertising campaigns for leading international brands and portraits (in commission) for the private collection of the Dutch Royal family.

Jane studied at the Cumbria College of Art and Design from 1986 to 1988 and then attended the De Montfort University in Leicester, England from 1988 to 1991, graduating from Leicester with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A with Honours) Degree in Industrial Design and Engineering. She has worked for Clients such as Philips, Leolux, de Sede and the Royal Dutch Family. Jane also has 20 years’ experience lecturing in design. She has taught hundreds of design students from the Department of Architecture at the Academy in Maastricht and from the World-Renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven.

The International publisher LANNOO commissioned and published a book about her life and achievements. This book is titled "Jane Worthington Designing Life”

Connect with Jane on LinkedIn.

Please look at Jane's artwork on her website. If you understand Jane's thinking, like it & see potential to work together then please contact her.

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