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Seattle, WA

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James Tichenor is a maker, designer and educator who has been working at the intersection of design and technology for the past 15 years. He graduated from NJIT with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1999 and worked in the field of architecture for 3 years before returning to school to get a Masters of Science in Design and Computation from MIT and a degree in Interaction Design from the Institute of Interaction Design Ivrea in Italy.

James Tichenor returned to New York, and subsequently worked as a creative director for the LAB at the Rockwell Group, a technology and and innovation group within the larger Rockwell Group design agency. The LAB was able to work across architecture, hardware and software to create custom interactive spaces for clients such as Google, Intel and The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.

During this time, James Tichenor and the LAB spun out a number of open source projects for creating interactive spaces such as: Google's Interactive Spaces (http://www.interactive-spaces.org/) and Spacebrew (spacebrew.cc). Looking to move from specific instances to whole platforms, he transitioned 3 years ago to Microsoft to work on the team developing Hololens where he is working today.


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