James Hungerford

James Hungerford is Senior Vice President of Bluewater Studio, a new concept providing high-quality integrated exhibition, environment, and media solutions.

James has been contributing to the Business of the Arts and the Art of Business for over 30 years.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for design, he has dedicated his working life to initiating, establishing and growing companies serving the needs of designers and clients. He is known throughout the environment industry for building creative partnerships, promoting production efficiency and helping designers maintain design integrity while realizing client-driven financial goals.

Before taking a leadership role with Bluewater Studio, James Hungerford served as CEO and President of Xibitz and for 13 years guided that company's aggressive and profitable growth up to the company's acquisition in late 2015. Providing the leadership that produced dozens of remarkable environment and exhibition projects and an impressive portfolio of global work, James worked synergistically with clients, architectural and design communities around the globe developing comprehensive strategies that guide team, creative and project success for large, complex projects. His efforts can be seen in projects for a wide variety of clientele - particularly museums, corporations, healthcare and higher education.

Now, as the senior member of the Bluewater Studio team, James Hungerford and his long-term colleagues James Gould and Erich Zuern oversee and lead productive collaborations and successful outcomes for clients and project partners. In a supportive, consultative, partnership or leadership role, his talent for innovation and his ability to advance design-centered problem solving makes him an ideal collaborator for designers and clients seeking superior creative solutions and implementation strategies through Planning, Management, Design, Fabrication, and Installation.

Connect with JJames Hungerford on LinkedIn or www.jameshungerford.com/contact/


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