Jadzia Genece

Jadzia Genece
Somers, CT

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When I began my interest in design, I had one goal in mind – to create design for my favorite music artists. Promotional material, album covers, social media posts, anything to feel like a part of the creative process without actually making music. When I began to look more into the process behind marketing and merchandising for musical artists, I found out that this work involved teams… That worked at firms. So I looked into some of the firms that designed for some of my favorite artists and realized I had a lot of growing and catching up to do. A lot of the work I saw contrasted my initial ideas of what design was – clean and simple. I grew to love the maximalism of design that played on and modernized nostalgic styles. Now, three years in, I find that when it comes to my own design, I tend to avoid the minimal and explore how I can bring as much activity and color into a digital space as possible. I love to collage and blend type with manipulated photography. I believe that at its core, design should reflect who you are as a person.

As I grew up within alternative subcultures as a youth and into my adulthood, I like my design to be edgy and liberating. As an avid reader and writer, I love for my design to be detailed, meticulous, and tell a story. As a person who spends a lot of time making jokes for an online audience, I love for my work to reflect my sense of humor. I always aim to create things that have never before been seen. I love to reveal new parts of myself to the world through design.

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