Jacob McCoy

Jacob McCoy, Bridgewater College
Searcy, AZ

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Jacob McCoy is a experiental and wayfinding designer at Gresham Smith. Before his graduation in Mayof 2019, he had a wide range of internships and experiences that helped him grow as a professional.Jacob spent summers in the field of design world—from print shops and small agencies, to mid-sizeagencies and global companies. He has been able to build professional relationships and learn from hismentors and managers. Beyond this, Jacob has had consistent freelance clients, doing various advertisements, animations, logo/brand designs and website designs. 

Jacob McCoy loves learning about the history of art and discovering new ways that he can take historical

design principals and concepts and apply them to the work he creates. Jacob has a very meticulous in hiswork, making sure no design choice is left up to chance. Every design decision is made with an understanding of the way audiences will understand the information presented. Jacob enjoys thinking

about spaces and how people to interact with the world around them, through design.

 Jacob McCoy has a true passion for creating effective communication pieces and intends to continue learning and developing his skills.

View Jacob McCoy's work on his website. Connect with Jacob on LinkedIn.


Newcomers Guide to EGD

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By Jake McCoy

I graduated college a few months ago. And, in the process of looking for a job, I kept in the back of my head my love for art history. So, working in some capacity at a museum piqued my interest, leading me to the mysterious field of work that is experiential graphic design.

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