Jacky Keogh

Jacky Keogh is a Senior Designer at Huie Design in Atlanta

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Jacky Keogh is a Senior Designer at Huie Design in Atlanta.

Jacky joined Huie Design in 1998 as a senior designer. She is a three-dimensional designer with a wealth of ability and experience built over the course of her 13-year, award-winning career in exhibit design. Jacky Keogh’s keen sense of conceptual development allows her to combine architectural creativity with powerful graphic messaging.

Jacky Keogh's playful and perceptive approach enables her to find unique ways to engage users and enrich their experience. She thrives on brainstorming and collaborating with owners and the design team. Jacky Keogh enjoys interpreting ideas, crafting creative solutions for design challenges, and maintaining a shared vision throughout the design process.

Jacky Keogh is also a talented sketch artist and Illustrator.

At Huie Design, experiential graphic design attracts and connects people to the essence of a place or experience. It’s about weaving diverse ideas and elements into a singularly compelling presence that says, “You are here.”

Early collaboration is the key to designing a dynamic user experience. It’s the collaborative process – where architects, developers, lighting, landscape, and experiential graphic design professionals concept as a team — that creates a compelling, seamless experience.

Before joining Huie Design in 1998, Jacky worked for TVSA.

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