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Data Visualization as an Art Form

We’re constantly barraged by data, but what does it all really mean? Investment Technology Group’s mission is to decode all that “noise” for its clients. At ITG’s New York HQ, Landor used data visualization as a sophisticated branding tool. The project was a winner in the 2014 SEGD Global Design Awards. Have you entered the 2015 awards yet?

ITG is a U.S.-based multinational agency brokerage and financial markets technology firm whose clientele are primarily portfolio managers and traders. ITG asked Landor Associates’ San Francisco office to retool its brand and as part of the project, to embed the new brand into the firm’s company headquarters in New York.

Through organic growth and recent acquisitions, ITG had evolved from a well respected electronic trading broker to a company that also offered detailed technology-driven investment research. But its brand did not represent this shift, so part of the challenge was creating a more digitally focused brand message.

Landor created the new tagline “Decoding Signal to Noise” to express ITG’s mission of cutting through data to provide its clients with sound financial and asset management advice. For branded materials, the team devised bold, staggered “coded” typographic messages that set ITG apart from its competitors in the financial marketplace. Landor also produced a digital short that features commissioned on-brand music and constellates the new brand’s look and feel. Working with partner VML, Landor applied the look and feel to the ITG website, digital interactive displays, out-of-home digital advertising, and a screensaver.

The Landor team wanted to extend the “decoding” theme to the physical environment, so the core of the experience is built around the creative use of ITG’s data. Landor developed and commissioned original art and sculpture that visualizes the hidden patterns that emerge from the data ITG collects, from petroleum reserves to China’s search rankings. The artful data visualizations appear on stark white walls throughout the office, evoking the feeling of an art gallery.

To help support the visitor’s experience and understanding of the headquarters experience, the team developed a responsive microsite that invites visitors to navigate the building to explore each of the installations in greater detail. Visitors can access each piece via a QR code and watch the data come to life through animation and expert interviews.

Landor reworked almost every expression of the ITG brand, including the logo, brand line, voice, messaging, print systems (stationery, signage, collateral copy), print and online ads, website, software icons, and other digital assets.

This project was a 2014 SEGD Global Design Awards winner. See more great EGD/XGD projects in our Design Awards gallery.

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Client:  ITG

Location:  New York

Budget:  $500,000

Project Area:  90,000 sq. ft.

Open Date:  June 2013

Design:  Landor Associates

Design Team:  Cameron Imani (creative director); Chris Frank, Britt Anderson (design directors); Wylie Robinson, Martin Kovacovsky, Carolyn Ashburn, Doug Becker, Kalin Cannady, Ivan Thelin (senior designers); Anthony Light (senior writer), Lynn Ritts (client director), Jill Imani (production manager); Scott Blum, Crispian Gibson (production specialists) 

Fabrication:  Principle Group (architectural graphics), Harkess-Ord (signage), Maltbie (data sculpture)

Consultants:  Ted Moudis (interior design and architecture), Eric Fischer (data visualization artist), MIT Senseable City Lab (data visualization), VVA (project management), Structure Tone (construction management), Severud Associates (structural engineering)

Photos:  Padgett and Company

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