Isabelle Bourgeois

Isabelle Bourgeois
Huntingdon, QUE

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In her role as SH’s Graphics Division Director, Isabelle Bourgeois is dedicated to bringing ALTO™ projects to life. Isabelle leads the division’s sales operations, project management and production priorities using her extensive background in sales and customer service as well as a thorough knowledge of the ALTO™ product and process. Using her strong leadership skills, Isabelle supports and encourages the team to ensure projects are done efficiently and on-time, taking projects from concept to completion with single-minded determination. 

With over 15 years of experience in sales, customer service and team leadership in both national and international markets, Isabelle thrives on the challenge of consistently producing lasting, quality results.  

Isabelle sees every project as another chance to prove SH’s capabilities and views challenges as ideal learning experiences. If Isabelle has it her way, ALTO™ will be the custom product of choice for artists, designers, architects and curators all over the world. 

Isabelle’ personal commitment to fitness and healthy living gives her the high energy she needs to serve her team and ALTO™’s clients. A natural problem solver, Isabelle brings positivity and confidence to the SH team. 

The SH Group is a leading provider of innovative custom solutions for wide-format graphics applications. ALTO™ Aluminum and FOLIA™ Interior are customizable surface material products used for durable and vibrant architectural elements, public art installations, signage, and branded experiences. SH is a tight-knit team of 50 craftspeople, designers, project managers and customer care specialists serving clients across Canada, the United States and internationally.

Isabelle Bourgeois
[email protected]

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