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Invesco, a global investment management company based in Atlanta, approached Gensler with a design challenge to create work environments for their new 177,000-sq.-ft., LEED-Silver-certified headquarters space.

The environments needed to be not only beautiful places to work, but also sophisticated communication vehicles for the Invesco brand.

To translate the company’s core values into the workplace environment, the Gensler team conceived a suite of graphic gestures designed to subtly echo Invesco’s brand messages. Based on a currency theme deployed using a broad spectrum of materials and methods, these gestures were incorporated into the architecture and interiors through elements such as custom carpeting, fritted glass elements, privacy screens, and other details.

Each pattern is based on a global currency symbol, multiplied to create a filigree pattern reminiscent of those used on printed paper notes. Dramatically cropped currency imagery was used to reflect the global nature of the brand and illustrate the people and places that make each global culture unique.

Implemented first in Atlanta, key elements of the workplace experience have been standardized for application across other offices as they undergo renovation or relocation.

Jury Comments: 

“This project uses the small-scale filigree patterns on global currency to create a rich palette of wall-scale patterns that, while disparate, hold together because of their origins in the technique of engraving on copper plates. The patterns, including a beautifully elegant custom carpet and frits for glass, have the all-over effect of Islamic decoration. The muted hues of blue, green, and beige of the interiors are also derived from currency, both the ink and paper.”

Design Firm: 




Location City: 


Project Area: 

177,000 sq. ft.

Open Date: 


Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

Christopher Barrett/Hedrich Blessing, Matt Rowan/Gensler

Design Team: 

Stephen Swicegood (managing principal, project principal); Richard Logan, Walter Trujillo (design directors); Victoria Prescott Mayer (senior associate/project manager); Deanna Francl (project manager, environmental graphic design and branded elements); Tricia Moore, Ni Assapimonwait, Tracy Fern, Sue Chen Wang (project designers, interiors); Gin Ma, Corey Overton (project architects); Matt Rowan, Scot Townley (project designers, environmental graphic design and branded elements)




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