Introducing the Rainier Cloud

Introducing the Rainier Cloud

Recently, Rainier Industrial Art introduced the "Rainier Cloud," a series of architectural fabric sculptures designed to bring ethereal beauty, form and functionality to spaces.

Available in six shapes that resemble cumulus, cirrus and stratus clouds, these graceful silhouettes are constructed out of 1.5-inch lightweight aluminum tubing. They are shaped using the most advanced bending technology in North America: Rainier's in-house 3-D freeform tube-bending machine.

Frames are easy to assemble and arrive with a mounting hardware kit which allows users to suspend a cloud at any degree or angle. The fitted, Class A, fire-resistant stretch fabric cover is available in a choice of either natural or one of seven unique full-color graphic patterns.

Specifiers can also reduce ambient noise levels in a space by selecting the acoustical option for the Rainier Cloud—a special fabric layer, which enhances its noise-dampening qualities.

More information at Rainier Industrial Art

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