Intraprise Solutions and Eyedog enter exclusive distribution agreement to offer digital wayfinding software in the US and Canadian markets

Intraprise Solutions and Eyedog enter exclusive distribution agreement to offer digital wayfinding software in the US and Canadian markets

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Intraprise Solutions, a digital technology services firm, announced a long-term partnership with Eyedog, a Dutch wayfinding technology company providing indoor photo landmark navigation software to healthcare organizations worldwide. 

Intraprise, operating as Eyedog.US, will deliver Eyedog wayfinding, enhanced by tailored implementation, community engagement, and adoption services.
Photo landmark navigation software is designed for complex campuses like colleges and universities, healthcare systems, and transportation hubs. Eyedog.US’s Wayfinding as a ServiceSM approach is particularly well-suited to serve the healthcare industry by helping patients, visitors, and staff navigate complex healthcare campuses.
“Our companies share common core values - be of service and improve the patient experience”, Ralph Michels, Eyedog’s Founder and CEO.  “And Intraprise’s healthcare domain experience enhances Eyedog’s ability to serve the needs of healthcare providers in the US and Canada.”
“Ralph has created a truly innovative digital wayfinding solution,” Todd Fisher, Intraprise’s Founder and Chairman. “In a healthcare context, the value of Eyedog’s innovation is measured by the amount of attention spared, so that focus can be placed on the purpose for the visit rather than the logistics required to begin the visit.”
Kay Via, Intraprise’s VP of Operations and Sales, states, “I have witnessed Eyedog’s impact on health systems and their patients; users find relief and gratitude in the reliable service we provide. I am thrilled to continue providing an intuitive wayfinding solution that improves the patient experience.”
Eyedog’s technology uses a scientifically vetted approach that combines “landmark” photos with mobile digital technologies to deliver an intuitive user experience, thereby reducing anxiety and frustration while empowering users to focus on the purpose of their visit. 
For more information, please contact Laura Roberto 267-274-2290, [email protected].

About Intraprise Solutions
For nearly 25 years Intraprise Solutions has designed and implemented tailored information technology solutions for leading companies in the healthcare and financial services markets, transforming businesses and the markets they serve. Intraprise Solutions can be found at

About Eyedog
Eyedog offers the world’s leading indoor and campus-based pedestrian wayfinding solution. Using photo landmark navigation technologies, we offer a human-centered wayfinding approach that promises to reduce anxiety associated with navigating a complex campus. Learn more at

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