Reimagining human interactions, connectivity, and advertising.
We are technologists, media experts, engineers, designers, and strategists working together to create value for citizens, governments, and brands and improve life in cities around the globe. Our teams find new avenues to connect the digital and physical worlds to make our experiences more connected, more seamless, and more human.

As the largest municipal media company in the U.S., Intersection partners with municipal authorities in the country’s top markets to help cities thrive. With initiatives like LinkNYC, we work with cities to transform the customer experience, improve operations, and drive new revenue.

Intersection develops cutting-edge media platforms, such as MTA On the Go and LinkNYC, and offers nationwide media assets to provide our advertising clients the scale, insights, and creative solutions they need to reach audiences and spark engaging connections, all while helping fund valuable public services.

Through our design and technology consultancy, we help the world’s leading organizations create new products, systems, services, and experiences that are designed to make an impact, with projects that include the iPad ordering system at LaGuardia Airport and the Edward M. Kennedy Institute.

Intersection is owned by a consortium led by Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company, and is the result of a merger between Control Group and Titan.


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