An Interactive Reflection of Your Future Self by Universal Everything

An Interactive Reflection of Your Future Self by Universal Everything

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How would you feel if you saw a synthetic version of yourself? Future You is a new interactive digital artwork by Universal Everything, created for the major new exhibition AI: More Than Human at the Barbican, London.
At the entrance to the exhibition, the visitor is greeted by a screen which acts as a mirror, reflecting a unique synthetic form. Starting as a primitive form, the reflection learns from the visitor’s movements and adapts to suggest an agile, superior version of themselves. The artwork evolves, generating a new visual response for each visitor, with 47,000 possible variations.

AI: More than Human is a major exhibition at the Barbican exploring creative and scientific developments in AI, demonstrating its potential to revolutionise our lives. Bringing together artists, scientists and researchers, this interactive exhibition offers an unprecedented survey of AI. Future You and AI: More Than Humanare open May 16 through August 26, 2019.

Videos and more from Universal Everything about Future You

Credits | Commissioned by: Barbican / Creative Director: Matt Pyke / Creative Technologist: Chris Mullany / Realtime Look Development: Adam Samson / Sound Design: Simon Pyke / Exhibition Designer: Tonkin Liu / Studio
Manager: Simon Thompson / Executive Producer: Ben Young

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