Interactive Engagements and Immersive Experiences

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What you will Learn

This 2013 course focuses specifically on the current trends and state of interactive technology in the built environment.


  • Learn what interactive digital experiences can offer today that can’t be accomplished by traditional formats and how designers can integrate them into various project types.
  • Discover how sensors and gesture based interactions can augment content and the overall user experience.


Questions answered

  • What consideration is given in the design to the people who visit a space versus those who work in a space every day?
  • How can designers educate clients on the value of technology driven installations?
  • What software packages must designers learn to work in digital media?
  • What are the most time intensive parts of the development of interactive projects and how much do they cost?
  • is the cost of content creation amortized over the whole project or is it per location and therefor client or department budget?
  • Can the same content be used across multiple installations?


Course Materials

  • 2 PDF Presentation files and one mp4 audio file.



  • Approximately 104 minutes



  • Jeffrey Dumo, Array Interactive
  • Denys Lavigne, Arsenal Media and Steven Culver
  • Moderators: Justin Molloy, SEGD and Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye


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