Infinite Scale Turns 15

Congratulations to Infinite Scales three partners: Amy Lukas, Cameron Smith and Molly Mazollini

It all started in 2002 after designing the Winter Olympics Games. It was one of those, "well that was fun, but what do we do now?" moments. The answer seemed obvious: this was great, now let's start a business and find more fantastic clients like the Olympic Organizing Committee.

That was then and this is now:

  • 5 Super Bowls
  • 12 NHL Events
  • 21 Bowls and Championships
  • 7 All-Star Games
  • 12 Football Stadiums
  • 4 Baseball Parks
  • 10 Basketball Arenas
  • 10 Motor Racing Facilities

Infinite Scale has been busy becoming the leader in its field with offices in Salt Lake City and Cincinnati and a staff of 25.

Congratulations on 15 years in business to Infinite Scale'spartners Amy Lukas(SEGD Past President), Cameron Smithand Molly Mazzolini!



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