Infinite Scale Designs College Football Playoff Graphics

Infinite Scale (Salt Lake City) created environmental graphics for the January 12 College Football Playoff game between Oregon and Ohio State. The project included graphics for the exterior of AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, as well as graphics at four hotels where the players stayed during the event. Working with CFP's look and logo--the gold outline of a football on a black background (created by Pentagram)--the Infinite Scale team created a system that extended across multiple venues and touch points, including streetscapes, the entire stadium site, and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and other locations around Dallas and Arlington. The team created Intricate player graphics and unique team-based patterns that show up on glass at the four hotels and at different locations throughout the stadium.

Infinite Scale was a natural choice to create graphics for the first-ever College Football Playoff. It was founded by three creative directors who worked on the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. The firm has worked on Super Bowls, Pac-12 championships, Orange Bowls, Olympics, and other major sporting events as well as environmental graphics, wayfinding, and signage for civic and corporate clients. For the College Football Playoff, Infinite Scale worked with AAA Flag & Banner on project fabrication and installation.


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