Inciseon Neon Alhambra Theater

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Funny name.  Fun to pronounce.  INCISEON® (in-size-eon) is a 12v replacement for neon. Our superior lighting technology produces a "tube" look that emits light from 360°, effectively reproducing the look and glow of high voltage neon. INCISEON® is more technologically advanced than any existing faux neon or LED neon product on the market. This is the Future of the Sign, Branding, and Lighting Industry: thinner cabinets, less wiring, low voltage, higher light output, and technologically advanced. What does it mean for your business?  It means clean and crisp brand impression. And it means a more safe and energy efficient alternative to high voltage neon.

INCISEON® is the most revolutionary product to be introduced into the sign and lighting industry since French engineer George Claude introduced neon to the world at the 1910 Paris Motor Show. Winner of the International Sign Association's (ISA) Innovative Product of the Year, INCISEON® is revolutionizing the sign industry. The product and the process of making INCISEON®  is fully covered under Intellectual Property Patent Laws and can only be obtained through our network of dealers and Licensed Manufacturers (LMs).  Contact us today to find out how you can take your corporate identity to the future of lighting and branding technology.

Imagine being able to encapsulate the traditional look of neon into a single panel of any substrate.  That is the power of INCISEON® Integral. The Integral line is a wholly new dimension of the industry, just as glass tube neon was when it was introduced to the world by French engineer George Claude at the 1910 Paris Motor Show. INCISEON® Integral imbeds perfectly diffused light of any color, in almost any design, into any substrate. The possibilities are limitless. 


Meet Your Makers at the 2022 SEGD Conference Experience Portland
Meet Your Makers at the 2022 SEGD Conference Experience Portland

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