Ideum Takes a Journey Through the Human Brain

Ideum Takes a Journey Through the Human Brain

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Ideum (Corrales, N.M.) was part of the project team on the recently-opened Journey Through the Human Brain exhibition at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in West Palm Beach. The firm's creative services and media systems teams spent more than a year designing, developing and installing two of the exhibition's most immersive and technically sophisticated experiences. These two exhibits—"Deep Dive Into the Brain" and "Brain Development Wall"—were both designed for multiple simultaneous users.

Deep Dive takes visitors on a compelling journey into the mysteries of the human brain. The interactive voyage is made possible through a sophisticated high-resolution Barco 4K UHD projector system, which casts dynamic 3D images of the brain’s lobes, fissures, inner structures, individual neurons and synapses onto a 14-foot curved wall. Visitors control the experience at a custom-designed console containing a 43-inch Ideum Inline display, a joystick and embedded LEDs. The detailed 3D models were created by project partner Intervoke, a Colorado-based company known for their spectacular anatomical imagery. Ideum built the control application and integrated it with the large-scale projection and audio system, and also designed and fabricated the control console itself.

At Brain Development Wall, museum visitors use a wide multitouch video wall to explore the growth of the brain throughout the lifespan. The experience ranges from the brain’s beginning as a tiny cluster of cells, moves through its rapid development during childhood and adolescence and continues to its maturation as we age. Each stage of the exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to select from a wide range of floating content, including images and videos.

The video wall is composed of six 55-inch LG video displays mounted in portrait orientation, creating a 14-foot wide 8k video wall. The system is touch-enabled by an infrared bezel system completely surrounding the array. In a statement, Ideum writes of the project, "We strive to pursue the creation of ever-more immersive and engaging educational experiences that integrate powerful emerging technologies, and we are fortunate to have worked with SFSCA and Intervoke to create these exhibits."

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