Identity, Brand, and Experience Design: Research and Strategy

Presented February 29, 2008

Designers who develop environmental graphics, branded retail environments, and experience design programs recognize the sophistication necessary to develop design processes and the need for research, design development, and metrics to ensure success. This workshop will not focus on projects as much as on process and technique, with the goal of developing a forum on strategy, research, metrics, and implementation approaches. Don’t miss this 360-degree perspective on process and rethinking design in alignment with strategy.

This workshop is perfect for experienced architects, environmental graphic designers, exhibition designers, and designers of branded environments as well as academics focused on furthering design research and methodologies.


Christian Davies, FRCH
David Middleton, Kent State University
Susan Haider, 3M
Scott Mallwitz, Cuningham Group
Gary Stemler, Nordquist
Wayne Daniels, Jones Signs

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