Hunt Design and The National Park Service: Together Again

Zion wayfinding by Hunt

To help serve the ever-growing crowds at this popular destination, the National Park Service implemented a multi-stop shuttle service in 2000. Now, the popular two-line system features an all-new look by Hunt Design (Pasadena, Calif.) for signs, maps, vehicle and operational graphics.  

Working with Zion National Park staff, the project included new signage in the neighboring town of Springdale, in Zion Canyon and throughout the visitor center. “We even helped name the shuttle routes, number the stops and rewrite the park’s radio message for drivers,” says Wayne Hunt, project manager for Hunt Design.

Each day over two million people find their way, are informed by or learn from signage and wayfinding programs designed by Hunt Design.

PS: Congratulations to the National Park Service on its 100 year anniversary!

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