How SEGD Helps your Career and Firm

SEGD is remarkable among peer organizations for developing a free flow of knowledge, information, personal and professional connections that propel the professionalism of its members forward. The website content and live events offer valuable opportunities and tools not duplicated elsewhere. The goal of this article is to help you understand what SEGD offers and how to use it effectively to advance your career and grow your business because we are far more than we have ever been in the past.

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Search and Explore

Be inspired and acquire knowledge by exploring our website. There are at least 5 new articles weekly on and thousands that promote awareness of the SEGD community and its role in shaping experience, present new design thinking, and in various ways further SEGD's missionto advance experiential graphic design.

There are two ways to access information on the website, through the menu structure/Index on the Xplore page which delivers highly targeted results or by using the search function for broader results. Use the search at the top right-hand side of every page for a general list of articles associated with your search term such as people, firms, projects, awards. Use the filters in the left-hand column to refine your results. Scroll down the results page as there may be many articles. Once you have found a relevant article you can also click on the tags or relevant terms at the bottom of every article to see other content related to that term.

The most targeted way explore SEGD’s content is to click on the Xploretab to access relevant SEGD content on dozens of specific topics such as practice areas like Wayfindingor Placemaking and Identity,industry verticals like Healthcareor Exhibitionsand design fundamentals like Symbol Designor ADA/Accessibility.To find the full Taxonomy Index and other resources like standard graphic symbols for Experiential Graphic Design go to the About menu tab and select Education.Scroll down the Education page for a full (linked) list.


Create Awareness

Promote yourself, your firm and your work. The SEGD website provides a tremendous media opportunity for you to reach an audience of designers, architects, fabricators, vendors and prospective clients that may be thousands of times larger than your own website's viewers. SEGD works hard to attract visitors interested in what members do and to connect clients to designers/designers to fabricators/fabricators and vendors. SEGD attracts a growing global audience to the website through search optimization, new content development and vastly improved website functionality such as galleries, content indexing, tagging and advanced search, as well as press releases and other promotional activities.

Annual website statistics (and increases over the previous year):

SEGD website traffic statistics 2016


Things you can do to maximize awareness:

  1. Post your member bio.Formatted correctly, this places you high in Google searches.
  2. Buy and post your firm listing.Update this throughout the year as you move through different campaigns and bring new projects online. Traffic to SEGD’s firm's directory has been growing steadily as it becomes a great repository of relevant information for designers.
  3. Share work from your sketchbook. Designers love to see how other designers work. Submit your sketchbook to [email protected] Sketchbooksare wildly popular insights into your design process.
  4. Enter the SEGD Global Design Awards. Watch for notices of 'It's time to enter' usually in November. Awards are the most popular section of the website and they also garner the most outside publicity. Everyone uses these projects for inspiration, as a reference point for excellence in the profession and simply to know who is doing what.
  5. Share your thoughts (via the SEGD blog). Share your thoughtful perspectives on any aspect of Experiential Graphic Design or add to a topic series in progress. You can post directly to the homepage of—submit your blog post via email to [email protected].
  6. Post to SEGD's pages on social media sites. Amplify your message by posting through our social media groups on LinkedIn,Twitter,Facebookand Pinterest.These media reach far beyond the SEGD membership.
  7. Sponsor, advertise or exhibit at national or chapter events to show your support of the profession and keep your name in front of colleagues and prospective clients. We provide these tools to help you decide what will work best for you: the Media Planner,the Conference Sponsorship Plannerand the Event Sponsorship Planner.


Things SEGD is doing to maximize your awareness:

  1. We post frequently to social media. Every week we put articles and information in front of over 1 million group members from Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Exhibitions, Signage, Museums, City Planners groups, Retail, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Advertising, Educators and Students, Core77, Communication Arts and many more groups. No wonder LinkedIn is one of our top referring sites! SEGD is getting the word out to the related professions.
  2. Our website strategy is to focus all of our creative energy on promoting the members, their firms, projects and thought leadership. That is why page reads have grown from under 1 million to a more than a likely 4 million plus this year.
  3. Search optimization is a huge part of our success (over 52% of our traffic comes from search) and we have achieved that through a strong internal publishing discipline, adhering to the rules of search and understanding of how it works. It would not be possible if the website was not built optimized for search to start with.
  4. Content is king. With over 4,000 articles on the website and some amazingly powerful search and indexing tools, we have been working hard to make all of that content easily accessible to visitors per topic/relevant Links Nd Search. All of these mechanisms help to get your name in front of visitors quicker.
  5. No other association offers the number of opportunities and depth of information about their members. On this point we intent to lead the association world in defining the new value proposition for associations in the 21st century! If you find an association offering more, let us know!
  6. A constant stream of press releases help to get members names out onto the web and draw people back into the site to read about them.
  7. Member bios and firm listings can be found in multiple places on the website depending on whether a visitor is browsing by subject, geography, industry vertical or practice area
  8. All content that is tagged as related to you as a member or your firm will come up on your bio page, thus enriching the view of you as a design or industry professional.
  9. SEGD works hard to promote design excellence in all practice areas through the Global Design Awards. They are the most popular part of the website, but you can't get noticed if you don't enter!



Whole careers have been made on the basis of networking within SEGD! Find people, firms and opportunities. Connect with SEGD members to discuss trending topics, discover products and services, find project teammates, new employment opportunities or enjoy good company in interesting venues.

Be present! Join your local chapter, attend the education events, or join an online SEGD community (blog or social media). It is very clear that those who actively participate in their community get a lot more out of it.

Explore the job board or post to it. Job opportunities including internships are also posted to the chapter in which the job will be located. Take advantage of the free resume listing if you are looking for a new opportunity. In addition to posting a job, there is also a purchase option to search resumes-only.

Find people by exploring Member,Firmand Studentpages. Or, in some cases, call upon our knowledgeable staff.

Let people find you by creating (in addition to your bio or firm listing) your own page on Type [a tag or term such as museums, wayfinding, san-francisco, digital-technology]. Remember to replace spaces with dashes!

Tap the intangibles. Find common ground and camaraderie among the members and staff of SEGD. After all, we hear time and time again that we are the friendliest, warmest design association. If we tracked data on "best friendships formed" the numbers would be distinctively high.


Develop Competence and Knowledge

SEGD offers a wealth of content about practice, projects and people that model design excellence. Take advantage of the means listed below and spend time in the Awards tab of the website to understand just how high the bar is being set for excellence.

Attend events.SEGD hosts at least 6 important national educational events a year as well as the national Annual conference which has a significant educational and developmental component. In addition, SEGD chapters host 70-90 local events, many of which have educational components.

Watch SEGDTalks videos.All SEGD events are captured professionally on video and are available free of charge (all are available to members logged into the website; some are available to non-members). There are currently more than 140 videos available for view. 

Purchase our courses.SEGD has held over hundreds of learning webinar sessions on all imaginable topics from the very detailed ADA requirements to planning, budgeting, signs and implementation schedules. These have been curated into topics and there are more than 100 available. (Hint: build a library of basics for your studio.)

Access expert advice. Many members contribute to SEGD's listserv by answering members' detailed questions. See what's been asked and answered, post your own question, or offer advice on a process or a material you're familiar with.

Access operational information on contracts, requests for proposals, budgeting, regulatory issues, professional liability insurance and more. SEGD offers many helpful support documents and courses:



Need Help?

If you need help in any way about how to make the connections described in this article, go to the Members Quick Help Guideor contact our friendly staff directly at [email protected]or call 202-638-5555.


Ideas to Share?

Member volunteers, the Board your volunteer Chapter Chairs and staff all work hard to build and support the SEGD community. Participation drives SEGD forward and YOU play a vital role in the evolution of the Experiential Graphic Design profession. Always feel free to share ideas, pose questions or get involved! Not a member yet? Here's why you should become one.


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