Hone Your Approaches to Strategy, Culture, Management and Innovation

This Spring is the perfect time to hone your approaches to critical business areas like strategy, culture, management and innovation. At the 2017 SEGD Business of Design event in Portland, Ore., April 27– 28, business and design leaders will gather to discuss the implementation of best practices across these key areas and take a deep dive into more specific topics like recruiting and retaining talent and transition planning. As with all SEGD events, there will be signature tours and a time to network and socialize with colleagues and a panel of experts who will lead the daylong discourse. We've prepped your executive briefing on the topics that will be addressed, below. 

Strategy + Culture

  • "Strategy: What it Takes to be Number One" is the first session of the day and will teach competitive positioning strategies and ways to bring your vision for yourself, your team and your business into reality. 
  • "Culture: Making the Right Hires and Retaining Your Talent" will help design business leadership understand key qualities to look for in building your ideal team and address strategies and techniques for retention, mentoring and guiding talent, to be followed by an interactive group exercise.
  • "Strategy + Culture: Achieving High Performance with Millennials" will showcase the unique traits and skills that the millennial generation can bring to your team and how to integrate them to everyone's benefit.
  • Session leader Thomas Hudginis a co-founder of Glaxo (part of GlaxoSmithKline) and has 30 years of experience in senior management. He is currently President of Wilmington Quality Associates and frequently keynotes at conventions, teaching business management skills.


  • "Management: Scenarios for Ownership Transition and Leadership" and the moderated dialog following the session will help design leadership to prepare for potential changes in ownership in their firm.
  • "Management: Bridging Through Acquisitions and Partnerships" will also help prepare you for big changes ahead, but more specifically for success through partnerships, mergers or acquisitions of or by your firm.
  • Session leader Julie Beeleris the founder of Second Story,an experiential design firm which is part of the Sapient Razorfish company. Through their media-rich approach to storytelling, Second Story has created over 200 award-winning interactive experiences. She now serves as an advisor to Second Story and frequently speaks at design events. 
  • Session leader Craig Martinis the CEO of Reality Interactivewith over 15 years of experience working with branding, merchandising and retail marketers. His focuses are on creative thinking, relationship building and technology. 


  • "Innovation: New Models for an Experiential Economy" is poised to deliver you a new perspective on improving experiences through using data and algorithmic computing and user-centric positioning.
  • Session leader Elizabeth Kiehneris the Global Design Services Director and Chief of Staff at IBMand is a founding partner of award-winning full-service agency Thornberg & Forester. She is a critical part of IBM's mission to become a design-thinking-centered business by investing hundreds of millions in design talent.

Don't miss out on this event developed exclusively for design firm leadership. Register todayand save your seat—space will be limited in order to enhance the attendee experience.

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