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12 Influential Immersive Environments Implemented in the Last 12 Months

We asked a panel of immersive digital design experts within the SEGD community for their choices of the most influential immersive environment design.

Washington, D.C., Metro

From the SEGD archives, circa 2009: With its good bones and Massimo Vignelli-designed graphics, the D.C. Metro is considered a classic. New additions to the system balance respect with user-focused improvements.

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And you thought Y2K was a nail biter?

Remember Y2K?

It was a nail bitter all right. We were all wondering what would happen when the digital clocks clicked over to read 2000 for the first time.

The predictions ran from Armageddon to meh! Firms across the globe were preparing; some tech support teams did not much enjoy that new year. I personally had a great time at a Y2K party on the rooftop of a 47-story building in Hong Kong! Where were you?

Design To Go: Diane Burk
Design To Go—Cambodia

In this week's installment of Design To Go, Diane Burk travels to Cambodia, visiting the capital, Phnom Penh, and Siam Reap. The country has a complicated and painful past—characterized by war, genocide and changes in government—which is reflected in its museums.

The Official Xlab 2017 Ex-Sum
The Official Xlab 2017 Ex Sum

If you didn't make it to Xlab 2017 last week, you really missed something special. I heard from many attendees that they considered this year's Xlab the best, EVER. Wow!

Ted Leonhardt: Don't Make These Mistakes
Avoid These 9 Common Design Firm Mistakes

Robert is a design firm partner who reneged on a deal to elevate a junior partner. Surprising as it is, that scenario is common. Over the years consulting with design firms and running my own, I’ve seen problems that, like Robert’s, are all too human but could have easily been avoided.

Deconstructing Technology as a Building Material
Deconstructing Technology as a Building Material—Digital Display Basics

Traditional designers are accustomed to using materials like fabric, wood, metal, and glass to create interiors that bring buildings to life and convey narratives. Of late, however, technology has established itself as an essential component of any space, and it must be considered as necessary as any other building material.

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Arrowstreet's 360-Degree View of Boston Projects
Arrowstreet's 360-Degree View of Boston Projects

At the center of Congress Square, Arrowstreet is revitalizing Quaker Lane into an active and vibrant pedestrian walkway with engaging ground level retail, outdoor seating and dining options.

 Mvix | The Future Leaders in Design Scholarships
Mvix Announces The Future Leaders in Visual Communication Scholarship

Mvix, a digital signage company, is offering The Future Leaders in Visual Communication Scholarship to college students pursuing a career in the art and design industry. The annual scholarship awards $1,000 to U.S. undergraduates majoring in Fine Arts, Graphic Design or a related field of study.

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Social Study, Featuring Artist Liz Hickok
Wed, 12/06/2017 - 18:00
Holiday Mixer
Wed, 12/06/2017 - 18:00
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SEGD’s Xlab returned to New York City this month with a focus on “Experiences in the Era of Disruption,” a showcase of how disruption impacts experiential graphic design and how people interact with places and spaces.

John Hanke and Brian McClendon think mapping is vital to self-driving cars and augmented reality.

With Open House, Pierluigi Colombo wants us to get smarter with how we use housing spaces.

Wu Chi-kai started in the business 30 years ago and, despite newer technology and government regulations, is still kept busy today.

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2016 DesignX - Navigating Platform Choices - Jeff Grantz
Jeff Grantz - Navigating Platform Choices
Amir Youssef - Expert Failure
Amir Youssef - Expert Failure
2015 Xlab - Brad Gleeson - Transforming Cities
Brad Gleeson - Transforming Cities
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