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Motorola Mobility Chicago office
Motorola's Hack Couture

Celebrating Chicago in a Flexible Workplace

Flexible workspaces are all the rage in the corporate world. For Motorola Mobility's new headquarters in Chicago's repurposed Merchandise Mart, Gensler tweaked the 21st century office genre with a hackable, graphically layered environment that celebrates Motorola's employees and the city they love.

Tim Fendley at SEGD Wayfinding Workshop April 23
What Next for Legible Cities?

The Future of Navigation in Smart Cities

Tim Fendley,founder of Applied and chief designer of Legible London,predicts that navigation in city centers will change dramatically in the next 10 years, with place branding, urban planning, and technology as key drivers. He'll join other world-renowned wayfinding experts at the SEGD Wayfinding WorkshopApril 23 in San Francisco. Do you need to be in touch with the future of wayfinding? Find yourself there; register now!

The SEGD/Hablamos Juntos Healthcare Symbols - Will They Work?

In October 2010, SEGD proudly introduced a universal set of healthcare symbols, developed in collaboration with Hablamos Juntos (Spanish for “let’s talk together”). It is obvious that it was an enormously complex project and quite an achievement, for which we want to compliment all the many people involved. Also, it is obviously too late for us to “talk together,” about it, so let's review the results.

Nurturing Your Soul

I have to admit I have a travel bug. Just as soon as I've returned from a trip, I look forward to the next journey, the next experience, and the next batch of information I can add to my human database of knowledge. So maybe my bug is the experience bug. Connecting with our members, the Experiential Graphic Design community, is extremely rewarding. And making those connections in person at our events... priceless. Our community is on fire right now. People are so busy they just can't get out of the office. Sure it's great for business and great for your career.

Creating Digital Experiences for Your "Customers"

They’re probably not your customers. In fact, they may not be “customers" per se at all, but they are the key to your client’s ROI in your design. As shopping options increase, particularly in terms of the convenience, ease, and personalization of online shopping, the in-store shopper increasingly wants a similarly enhanced experience, but all the more memorable as it is happening in the physical environment.

Enter interactive "smart" shopping experiences.

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SenovvA Opens San Francisco Office

SenovvA, a leading production, design, and management group with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto, is expanding its operations to include an office and warehouse in San Francisco.

Harbinger CEO Steve Williams Invests in Jacksonvile
Harbinger CEO Invests in His City's Future

Steve Williams, CEO of Harbinger (Jacksonville, Fla.) has a grand vision for his hometown and he’s investing in making it a reality. Williams believes in strategic private investment in some of the city’s best buildings, in the hopes of creating "the 21st century city of the South."

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The B.F.F. Social! Beer, Fonts & Friends, w/ typographer Chank Diesel
Mon, 04/13/2015 - 16:00
PDX March - xChange
Mon, 03/30/2015 - 18:00
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Found on the www

There are some great concepts and ideas on how to deliver presentations in this video clip. Worth watching.

ArtEverywhereUS brought 58 of the world's most important artworks to the public realm, created a social media sensation, and even made billboards look good. We'll call that a victory for Art.

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David Schwarz: Emerging Trends
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