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The Technology Skills You Need to Create Next-Gen Digital Projects

Graphic: Branded Environments Workshop in Los Angeles 8/20/15
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You have to BE in LA this August!

Graphic for Detailing101 webinar
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Join us on September 10, 2pm Eastern for Detailing 101!

Graphic for 2015 Xlab Conference
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Register early for the digital experiential design event of the year!

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Texas A&M Bright Football Complex
Building the Brand, Texas Style

Deep in the heart of Texas, where football and tradition are sacred, Texas A&M University continues to build its dynasty—and its brand. With a new $17 million, state-of-the art training facility designed by Populous, the Aggies keep showing how it’s done—building both a powerhouse football team and a sophisticated branded experience.

Brian Mirakian, Populous
Enhancing Branded Environments through User-Centered Design

Not every project is as big as Texas, and not every client is as ambitious as Texas A&M University, which recently opened its “brand”-new, state-of-the-art Bright Football Complex. But any project can benefit from the Aggie game plan—and Brian Mirakian of Populous will tell you how at the SEGD Branded Environments Workshop Aug. 20 in LA!

Creating Digital Content at SEGD Xplorer Digital Camp
Xploring Content at Xplorer Digital Camp

Creating experiences in the age of digital technology means using new tools and even new parts of your brain to create content. Xplorer Digital Camp West—in Seattle Aug. 6—will introduce you to the tools and techniques you’ll need to create next-gen experiences, from video, type, and image to data and code. Join us in Seattle! (Better hurry, seats are filling fast!)

Gallery One, Cleveland Museum of Art
Wayfinding and Playfinding

SEGD member Jennifer Davis of Planar had an opportunity to spend some time with Leslie Wolke of Leslie Wolke Consulting in Austin, Texas and New York City.  Leslie is the co-founder of SEGD’s XLab annual conference and is an independent consultant specializing in wayfinding technologies.  Her clients include the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, New York University Langone Medical Center, and MD Anderson Cancer Center. Jennifer asked her questions about her passionate work in wayfinding and a new trend that Leslie has identified called “playfinding.”

Are You an Xplorer?

What is fascinating about all disruption cycles is the solution that ultimately disrupts is not usually a completely new-to-the-world invention. Take the Ford Model T or the Wright Brothers Wright Flyer. Making gliders with humans flying on them was not new. The final piece of the puzzle though--how to make the flight stable--was! The personal computer was a similar story. The Apple 2 was not the first personal computer, but it was the first to combine a keyboard and screen with the processor, thus making it usable.

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Parkit in Washington DC
Gensler Parks It in Washington, D.C.

Gensler's Washington, D.C., office created a mini parking-space park in front of its office as part of the city's seasonal "parklet" program.

Hudson Yards Public Plaza
Applied Developing Hudson Yards Wayfinding

Applied Wayfinding, the creators of Legible London and urban navigation projects across Europe and North America, is designing wayfinding at New York’s Hudson Yards, the largest private development in U.S. history.

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SEGD Dallas Goes Behind the Scenes of the Dallas Museum of Art
Thu, 09/17/2015 - 17:30
Meet the Dark Side
Thu, 08/13/2015 - 17:30
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Writing the second in a series for Adobe's CMO.com, Prophet outlines three ways innovation can keep your brand "relentlessly relevant."

Why aren't design firms keeping up with the rapidly expanding awareness for design and the value of design in society? 4 simple reasons (is anything ever simple?) that seem to make a lot of sense in the XGD world as well.

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Henry Beer + Richard Foy: The Question of a Sale
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