2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle
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Register at regular rates until April 30, 2016, and join us in Seattle for the gathering of your design community!

The 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle
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Find your inspiration in Seattle, June 9-11. Register now!

2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle
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Welcome aboard! The 2016 SEGD Conference is the place to get connected, with numerous networking opportunities. Register now.

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Wayfinding at Deloitte Montreal
Agile Wayfinding for Deloitte Montreal

The new La Tour Deloitte is the first privately owned office tower built in Montréal in 20 years. Deloitte’s Montreal staff occupies 153,000 sq. ft. of the 26-story tower, spanning seven floors in a completely agile work environment that required a new approach to wayfinding.

Noah Jeppson Leads Design Improv(e) Session
Design Improv(e)— The Workshop That Gives Back, with Noah Jeppson

Design Improv(e): Give Back

The Host

Noah Jeppsonhas become known in the Experiential Graphic Design community for spearheading many urban improvement projects. His enthusiasm and spirit of volunteerism is  totally contagious, so it's fitting that he should lead the Design Improv(e) session at the 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle. (Have you registered yet? Let's fix that.)

2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle
Your 2016 SEGD Conference Tour (Selection) Guide

Attending the 2016 SEGD Conference? (Yes? Awesome!) Scroll through the slideshow above to learn more about your SEGD tour options. And don't forget-- tour reservations are first-come, first-served (and filling up fast!), so register today!

SEGD sign greets attendees to the SEGD 2016 Wayfinding Event at Miami International Airport
There's nothing quite like your name in lights!

Now that's the way to greet the SEGD wayfinding community!

It's not every day that SEGD gets to take over the main sign to the entrance of an airport. Especially Miami International Airport, the second largest airport in the country with just over 44 million passengers last year!

SEGD CEO Update for April 2016
CEO Update Q1 2016: It’s All Good News! Still!

It is hard to believe, but we are already in the fourth year of modernizing SEGD, upgrading the membership benefits and still making steady progress with our performance indicators—which are pointing in the right direction. Who said this would be a quick fix?

Clearview in Pennsylvania
FHWA Stands by Clearview Decision for Highway Signs, but Clarifies its Use for Community Wayfinding

While state highway engineers are rushing to put the brakes on use of Clearview on federal highway guide signs, the Federal Highway Administration says its decision to withdraw conditional approval of the typeface was about licensing fees as well as safety. It also clarified that Clearview is still an acceptable alternative for community wayfinding programs.

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BB King Blues Club image
Lorenc + Yoo Design Bring the Blues to Wind Creek Casino

Lorenc+Yoo Design teamed with Dale & Partners to merge architecture and interior design with vintage-inspired signage, large hand-painted murals, marquee signs and even old time incandescent and neon lighting at the BB King Blues Club.

Reading Viaduct
CGA on Philadelphia Rail Park Project

Cloud Gehshan Associates (Philadelphia) is designing graphic and interpretive enhancements for the Reading Viaduct Project, a reclamation of abandoned rail tracks that will become Philadelphia's version of the High Line.

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CHS Field Tour & St. Paul Saints Game!
Mon, 06/27/2016 - 16:30
Meet the Dark Side
Wed, 05/04/2016 - 17:30
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Found on the www

Springfield's new wayfinding signage will include walking times to each destination in order to promote a more walkable city, which in turn could lead to improvements in the populations health. That' their bet. Love to see the results.

In this balanced look at the progress Design has made in the Corporate world, one can't help but wonder if Experiential Graphic Design has not perhaps fallen behind the rest of the the design fields by nit embracing Design Thinking? Just a thought.

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Simon Borg and Brian Mirakian - Be(ing) a City
Matthew Pietkevich: Connecting Customers
Dana Arnett and Bill Rosen - Rethinking Design
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