Join wayfinding experts at the 2017 SEGD Wayfinding event in Boston.
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Join wayfinding experts from around the world—including three SEGD Fellows—in Boston.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards
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Check out the 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards winners gallery!

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Second Avenue Subway Wayfinding with C&VE
Second Avenue Subway Wayfinding with C&VE

It’s a long story: a 98-year-long story, in fact. When the much-anticipated addition to the Q line of the New York City Subway initiated construction, Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Design Consultants began the highly-specialized work of wayfinding for the first new stations in nearly 30 years.

Building a Global Design Community with Richard Poulin
Championing Global Design Excellence with Richard Poulin, FSEGD

In homage to Walter Herdeg's Archigraphia, Richard Poulin, FSEGD, has written Archigraphia Redux—a new international survey of architectural, environmental and experiential graphic design in the 21st century. Here, Richard discusses what the original book meant to him, what he hopes to accomplish with Archigraphia Redux and how he’ll tie it all together in his 2017 SEGD Wayfinding keynote presentation.

Transforming Public Spaces Through Wayfinding Strategy
Transforming Public Space Through Wayfinding Strategy with Katie Osborn

In her 2017 Wayfinding session, Katie Osborn will share how user research and community engagement helped create wayfinding strategies for two very different outdoor spaces that were connected through a public infrastructure project twenty years in the making. We had a chance to speak with Katie about her professional journey, what inspires her and the 2017 SEGD Wayfinding event. Here’s what she had to say.

Design To Go: Diane Burk
Design To Go—Mexico City

This informal design blog began as I departed for a year-long around-the-world trip in October 2016. My goal is to return to San Francisco in October 2017 inspired with fresh perspectives and energized to restart my design career. In design, anything is possible!

Why Experiential Design is More Important than Ever
Why Experiential Design is More Important than Ever


By, Tucker Trotter, President and CEO of Dimensional Innovations

Experiential design is nothing new. In fact, the art of combining interactive storytelling with environmental design to engage an audience has been done exceptionally well by several brands and organizations. So why all the recent buzz? Why are advertising agencies and consulting firms suddenly throwing it around as the latest trend?

SEGD CEO Update Q2 2017: See the New SEGD Toolbox
2017 Q2 CEO Update: Introducing the NEW SEGD Toolbox

The 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami was a great event. It was well attended. And lots of fun, too! I'd like to extend a thank you to all who attended, sponsored, spoke and participated. There were so many highlights and moments of people enjoying themselves that we decided to create a photo gallery on the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miamipage. Enjoy!


Progress on the 2015-18 SEGD Strategic Plan

Keith Helmetag, Partner, C&G Partners, New York. Images of then and now.
Keith Helmetag: Then and now. The SEGD Global Design Awards.

I was the 1996 jury chairperson for the SEGD Global Design Awards and participated again this year as a 2017 jury member offering a personal perspective that places today’s work in historic context.

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Sensory Interactive Adds Steven Snyder to the Team
Venue Technology Veteran Steven Snyder Joins Sensory Interactive

Digital experience company Sensory Interactive has announced the addition of Steven Snyder as a Senior Associate on the Project Management team. 

Ohio State Interpretive Signage
Direct Embed Helps Rediscover History at the Ohio State University

If you have walked the Ohio State University campus it is most likely you have been standing on the site of the old Ohio Field torn down in 1922. University architect Bernie Costantino spearheaded the project designed by MKSK Studios in Cincinnati to commemorate the field and the legends who competed on it with signs and yard markers that were installed in spring 2017. All graphics on the markers were developed with the Direct Embed Coating System which perfectly wrapped the three dimension landmarks in historic pictures and interpretive text.

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2017 SEGD Wayfinding in Boston: Chapter Bash
Thu, 08/17/2017 - 18:30
CVG Summer Social
Wed, 08/09/2017 - 17:30
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Watch the construction of the Zaha Hadid-designed Beijing Airport, expected to be the world’s largest, and think about how much you don’t want to be late for a flight in there.

Artist Camille Walala has used her signature colorful style to create a maze inside a southeast London gallery, imagined as a playground where visitors can "unleash their inner child."

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Corporate Visitor Experiences - Craig Lovin
Craig Lovin - Corporate Visitor Experiences
 Optimizing Exhibits for Digital/Physical Balance - Stephen Platenberg
Stephen Platenberg - Optimizing Exhibits for Digital/Physical Balance
Matthew Pietkevich: Connecting Customers
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