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Xlab 2016 will focus on the intersection of physical and digital. Don't miss it—register today!

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View all the 2016 SEGD Global Design Award winners from last week ends Award Ceremony in Seattle.

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Photo of Negotiation
Better Negotiation by Design

As a creative, you probably didn't go to business school. Of course, there's enough material on improving your negotiation skills that you could make a career out of studying just that. But you've got a great opportunity right now. What do you need to know—right now?

Xlab 2016 Graphic
Xlab—Digital Innovation and the Future of Experiential Design

October 27—28, New York will be filled with recognized leaders of the digital experiential graphic design world at SEGD's upcoming Xlab conference.

SEGD Talks on the Cutting-Edge
SEGD Talks on the Cutting Edge

SEGD is focused on delivering valuable content through this website that is relevant for designers and their firms’ success. One example of segd.org's value to members is free access to the vast and growing gallery of videos called SEGD Talksthat cover innovative events, inspiring speakers and empowering talks from all of SEGD's physical events—including Xlab, the conference about cutting-edge digital experiences at the intersection of design and technology. 

Image: Josh Goldblum Blog
The Great Big Lesson Retailers Can Learn From Museums

By Josh Goldblum, Bluecadet

In a few months in Philadelphia, a new Warby Parker store will open in a space formerly occupied by the Le Bec-Fin. This restaurant, led by Chef Georges Perrier, was once widely considered one of the best in the world, but it famously refused to change with the times—and paid the price. With Warby Parker’s move into physical spaces, I’d argue the brand is doing the opposite.

SEGD CEO Update Q2 2016
CEO Update Q2 2016: Going From Strength to Strength

It's the day after conference and there is a steady flow of people from the taxi stand outside the Westin Seattle. We're all heading home. Some look a little worn out, but it does not appear that we took any casualties, despite some really good stories. Way to throw a family party, SEGD clan!

And of course while there is always room for improvement (we're designers after all!), we heard mostly very positive feedback about this event. Everything from best ever to can we do it in Seattle every year?

Sharon Brooks on Design Thinking
"Thinking Design"

In our highly competitive industry, do you find yourself banging your head against a wall trying to find ways to be innovative, fresh, or AMAZING on certain days? I imagine some of us do.

Where do you go when your "design thinking" stops thinking? It happens to us all —regardless of our disciplines I believe. A few months ago I felt I hit a road block with my paintings, so I put down my brushes and picked up my pencils for a few weeks instead. Mixing things up got me over my mental block.

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floar4 meraas walk
Float4 Completes Meraas City Walk in Dubai

The project comprises more than 30 LED installations in 21 different formats and nearly 30 high-res projectors totaling over 80,000,000 pixels. The project represents a major challenge for content production, made even more difficult by the fact that the majority of installations are located outside.

York Link logo
Shikatani Lacroix Rebrands York Link

The firm created a strategic rebrand of its economic development program York Link, formerly Centres and Corridors. Shikatani Lacroix developed a fully integrated marketing and communications strategy, which included a new logo, tagline and brand guidelines, designed to promote the region as the place “where talent and opportunity intersect.”

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Downtown Art Walk
Thu, 08/18/2016 - 19:00
SEGD ATL tour of Second Story
Thu, 08/18/2016 - 18:00
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Eduardo Kobra is attempting to set the world record for the largest mural created by a single person. Coinciding with Rio’s 2016 olympic games, the Brazilian street artist has painted a mural on a vast 190-meter-long wall in the city’s formerly run-down port area. Measuring an area of almost 3,000 square meters, the work illustrates five faces from five continents — a theme which responds to the olympic rings.

Roadliners is a film about inspiration and craft, and the uncelebrated lettering artists of the road.



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Moderated Panel: Communicate and Connect
2015 Xplorer East Dialogue
Paul McConnell: Emerging Technology
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