Xlab Highlight Sessions - Cities
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Register early to take advantage of project and studio tours!

Xlab Sessions Highlight Business
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New York in November is pretty spectacular. Don't miss it- reserve your seat at Xlab today!

2015 Xlab Sessions Highlight Retail
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It's the digital experiential design event of the year. Be there. Register today.

2015 Xlab Sessions Highlight Wearables
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Immerse yourself in design and tech November 5th at Xlab. Step 1: get registered!

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LinkNYC – a Step Toward Smart Cities?

Ever wonder what will happen to all those obsolete public pay-phone booths littering the urban streetscape? In New York, they’re being replaced by super-kiosks that are not only Wi-Fi hotspots, but platforms that will help people navigate the city, find services, and discover new destinations. It’s a model you may see popping up in a city near you, and a step toward the idea of connected Smart Cities.

Xlab 2015: Smart Spaces, Smart Interfaces
Smart Spaces, Smart Interfaces at Xlab

Intelligent interfaces are offering endless ways to provide connection, context, navigation, personalization, and curation in the physical environment. What are these new tools, and what can YOU do with them right now? At Xlab 2015, Nov. 5-6 in NYC, leading designers and technologists like Flavia Sparacino, Mike Clare, Neil Redding, and Darren David will show you!

The Internet of Things and Why It Matters to You

The Internet of Things is a growing network of objects–from home appliances to industrial machines and from signs to cars—that are connected to each other and the Internet. Through an infinite web of sensors and devices that generate constant streams of data, objects will communicate with each other to make everyday tasks more efficient. Yes, it all sounds very Minority Report. But what does it mean for you and your future in designing experiences and connecting people to place? At Xlab 2015, we’re putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Be there to see how it all relates to YOUR practice!

Portfolio Review, SEGD 2015 Conference Experience Chicago
10 Tips for Students Looking for a Job

SEGD's student group has more than doubled this year. Thank you and welcome to all our new student members!

The Experiential Graphic Design profession is having a very busy year and growing strongly. This is good news for the jobs market. SEGD offers many ways for you to link to the profession and the profession to link to you, but a recent exchange with a student looking for a job suggested to us that many students aren't taking advantage of these connections. We can help with that! Read more...

SEGD CEO Update, Xplorere Seattle Digital Bootcamp image
CEO Update Q3 2015: Improvements get more structural.

Keeping the community updated on SEGD’s progress brings me great satisfaction. It provides an opportunity to stop and think about what SEGD’s done lately and ask how it is serving your needs.

Last May I reported that SEGD was headed in the right direction financially and in membership and event registrations growth, and we had a record-breaking year in these categories. Now the SEGD board is hard at work defining next steps for SEGD.

Digital data helping to make driving safer and more relaxing
The Future has Never Looked Brighter, Depending on Where You Stand!

Digital technology is an opportunity to reimagine your firm's service offer!

The future of Experiential Graphic Design has never looked brighter. In fact, it is about to fulfill the promise that SEGD’s founders saw for it when they started the organization declaring that it was so much more than just signs!

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Selecting the Right Digital Display by NanoLumens
NanoLumens Launches Guide to Digital Signage

NanoLumens (Norcross, Ga.) has launched a white paper entitled "Selecting the Right Digital Display."

Skolnick Designs Bulgarian Children's Museum

Bulgaria’s first children’s museum opens Oct. 1, with architectural design, exhibits and graphics, interiors, and signage and wayfinding by Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership.

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Surface Imaging Symposium: SHIFT
Tue, 10/13/2015 - 17:00
Interaction Design at Architectural Scale w/ Michael Fox
Wed, 09/23/2015 - 18:00
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Even the Humble Parking sign can benefit from digital screen technology. Why is the parking sign so complex? Because there is a lot of information to be communicated, but it is not all needed at the same time making a dynamic display the ideal choice to clean it up and make it more legible and understandable.

Core77 brings us a quick look at Burning Man 2016. Plenty of experiential fun was had by all.

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Brian Dyches: The State of Customer Experiences
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