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Extending the Museum-Visitor Experience

In today's world where people have abundant means of acquiring information, museums are stepping up their efforts to display content and artifacts in ways that amaze and engage their visitors so that they understand more, stay longer, come back more often, and recommend the experience to friends. Click the image above to read more.

Image of Abbott Miller
Meet Abbott Miller—Design and Content

You've probably heard of Abbott Miller before. He's a design legend, having done many notable projects, written several books and garnered many accolades. He's also an SEGD member. Click the image above to read more.

Image of the World of Coca-Cola
Craig Lovin on Corporate Visitor Experiences

Are you ready for a fresh perspective on corporate visitor experiences? Don't miss the session led by Craig Lovin from the World of Coca-Cola and Alexandra Holland from Johnson & Johnson on August 18th at the 2016 SEGD E&E: Exhibition & Experience Design event in Washington, DC! To learn more, click on the photo above.

Photo: Josh Goldblum Virtual Reality Headset
Public VR—Opportunities and Pitfalls

When Facebook purchased Oculus for over $2 billion, it was a huge vote of confidence from the pioneering social network on the future ubiquity of virtual reality experiences. Since that time, many digital agencies have scrambled to get up to speed with this new medium. Click image above to read more.

SEGD CEO Update Q2 2016
CEO Update Q2 2016: Going From Strength to Strength

It's the day after conference and there is a steady flow of people from the taxi stand outside the Westin Seattle. We're all heading home. Some look a little worn out, but it does not appear that we took any casualties, despite some really good stories. Way to throw a family party, SEGD clan!

And of course while there is always room for improvement (we're designers after all!), we heard mostly very positive feedback about this event. Everything from best ever to can we do it in Seattle every year?

Sharon Brooks on Design Thinking
"Thinking Design"

In our highly competitive industry, do you find yourself banging your head against a wall trying to find ways to be innovative, fresh, or AMAZING on certain days? I imagine some of us do.

Where do you go when your "design thinking" stops thinking? It happens to us all —regardless of our disciplines I believe. A few months ago I felt I hit a road block with my paintings, so I put down my brushes and picked up my pencils for a few weeks instead. Mixing things up got me over my mental block.

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Studio SC Weyerhauser
Studio SC Goes Natural for Weyerhauser HQ

Spanning the entire height of the building are a detailed botanical illustration of a Douglas fir tree and a Loblolly pine tree. Interpretive graphics feature scientific information about the tree based on its age at the corresponding height of the mural.

skolnick for muzeiko museum
Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership's Work at Muzeiko Honored

Muzeiko, America for Bulgaria Children’s Museum, was a Finalist for the 2016 Children in Museums Award presented by HandsOn! - International Association of Children in Museums and European Museum Academy. Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership provided architectural, graphic and exhibition design services.

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The District of Columbia: An Emerging Design Capital
Thu, 08/04/2016 - 18:00
SEGD SF Summer Social
Thu, 08/04/2016 - 18:00
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All We Are Doing is Designing Interfaces Between People and the Environment

Jo Marsh, a director at brand consultancy Jane Wentworth Associates, poses five fundamental questions that all museums must try to answer if they are to stay relevant and build their audiences for the future.

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2015 Xlab - Bryan Meszaros - Transforming Business
Bryan Meszaros - Transforming Business
Darren David - Thinking Beyond
Lauren Kelly: Platforms as Service
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