Holmes Wood Designs easyJet Livery

easyJet Livery by Holmes Wood

Holmes Wood (London) designed the new aircraft livery for easyJet, the UK’s largest airline. It is the first change to the look of the airline’s iconic white and orange fleet since easyJet.com replaced the call center number on the fuselage in 1998.

Holmes Wood made two primary design changes. First, easyJet's trademark orange has been extended from the tail fin on to the fuselage to create a larger space for the easyJet logo, which is 20% bigger than before. Second, an orange stripe reflecting the design language of easyJet's advertising has added to the fuselage. This enables the easyJet logo to be reversed out of that color, in accordance with brand guidelines, and gives the plane a sleek, more modern look.‎ 

The airline currently has a fleet of 226 aircraft. The new livery will appear on all new easyJet aircraft deliveries from April 2016. In addition, younger planes in easyJet's fleet will have the new livery applied when they ‎are scheduled for repainting, typically every six years. This means 29 aircraft will be flying with the new look by the end of 2015 and 50% of the fleet will sport the new livery by the end of 2017. Painting each aircraft takes a specialist team seven days, says Holmes Wood. easyJet captured the painting of the plane’s new livery in this timelapse video.

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