From High Art to Walmart: SEGD Exhibition & Experience Design Workshop

From High Art to Walmart: SEGD Workshop Explores the Converging Worlds of Exhibition and Experience Design

E&E Workshop scheduled for August 21-22 in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, DC – Exhibitions are no longer confined to venerable institutions and museums. They’re virtual or they show up in shopping malls, on urban streetscapes, or in temporary pop-up venues. The lines between exhibition and retail design, information design, branding, and app design are blurring as well, with each borrowing techniques from the other.

What can an art museum learn from Walmart? How can social media and interactive technology propel consumers off their couches and into stores and museums? What does the nascent Internet of Things mean to museums, corporate visitor centers, and urban public spaces?

SEGD’s Exhibition & Experience Design Workshop—August 21-22 in Washington, D.C. —will focus on the convergence of the two disciplines and how designers are finding both high- and low-tech strategies to create compelling, immersive experiences.

“We’ve designed this workshop to traverse the spectrum of experience design—from curated exhibits that showcase artifacts, information, and stories in innovative ways to consumer-driven retail experiences that activate buyer behavior and combine the use of apps with the experience of the physical environment in new ways,” says Clive Roux, SEGD CEO. 

“Exhibition design today is a convergent discipline that overlaps with retail design, branding, information design, and technology,” says Justin Molloy, SEGD Director of Education and the workshop’s curator. “User experiences are no longer siloed from brand expression or apps or information design. The E&E workshop is an opportunity for a diverse community of creative professionals to learn from one another and explore how they can borrow techniques from other facets of the design world.”

The two-day event begins on August 21 with tours of new projects including the NPR headquarters and recording studios and the Blessed John Paul II Shrine. The workshop itself will be held at the Washington, D.C., offices of Gensler. In addition to tours and expert presentations, breakout trend sessions will focus on key areas of practice such as user experience, interaction and app design, digital technology, retail design, and more.

The workshop is designed for museum directors, designers, architects, curators, technologists, and planners involved in this convergent and rapidly evolving design practice. For information about the event or to register, visit exhibitions.

About SEGD

Founded in 1973, SEGD (the Society for Experiential Graphic Design) is the global community of professionals who create experiences that connect people to place. Through educational programs, research, and publications, SEGD’s mission is to provide learning opportunities and resources for professionals involved in EGD, promote the importance of the discipline in establishing place, and continue to refine standards of practice for the field.

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