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Convergence: 2014 SEGD Conference
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Native to Atlanta and known initially for name recognition as a graffiti artist, award-winning public artist Alex Brewer’s (HENSE) nearly two decades of working in the realm of public art, grants, commissions, and cross-media connections have landed him local, national and international public art projects. Alex Brewer developed his skill for graffiti in the mid to late ‘90s and early 2000s. Atlanta’s anti graffiti ordnance of 2003 moved Brewer into the realm of granted and commissioned public art. HENSE has received numerous commissions, particularly from the city of Atlanta. The latest was the Arizona Avenue mural “Float,” in 2012. HENSE recently completed his largest exterior public wall to date, which was a commissioned work for ISIL Institute in Lima, Peru. The artwork was painted in 2013 and measures 137 feet tall and 170 feet wide. HENSE began his career painting and writing on walls in and around Atlanta and has since produced numerous public wall works internationally. Combining the language and techniques of graffiti art with the formal language of abstract painting, Brewer has produced artworks that incorporate line, shape, and gesture to create abstract compositions that are invigorated by the quick pace and commentary of street culture. HENSE or Alex Brewer currently lives and works in Atlanta GA.

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